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Dr. Sivaji Yalamanchili

Objective : To help the rural community become economically self- reliant and competitive; foster social harmony; develop dynamic inter-linkages with the urban societies.

Vision : To foster Indian rural communities as knowledge based clusters; visualize reverse migration from urban areas to rural areas for better living standards; foresee lively rural citizens’ participation in productive socio-economic initiative; acquire universal quality health services.

Mission : To represent and facilitate free and fair participation of toiling millions to determine their own destiny.

Personal   Philosophy :

  Be a genuine change leader;  through the practice of value  based politics to ment a robust political system which will attune to social psyche; unshakable conviction in free enterprise, strives for people-oriented professionalism in administration; harnesses alternative political solutions leading to national prosperity.

Academic Career :
1994-London School of Economics-Great Britain

M.B.B.S. (Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine)

Professional : 1988-94 Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

Roles :  

  • Participated large number of Seminars, Symposia and Work-shops highlighting the perspective of farmers and  the rural community.
  • Organized innumerable Seminars and Workshops on most important issues concerning the farmers in  particular and the nation in general.
  • Authored many reference books on farming issues.
  • Contributed more than a thousand articles in all Telugu dailies.
  • Authored “You and Your Health”, “Gandhian Economy”.
  • Translated former Prime Minister (late) Charan Singh’s economic policy.
  • “Our People- Our Politics” (Foreword by M.R.Masani);
  • “Let the Benevolent Farmer be Blessed” (foreword by N.G. Ranga) and released by Dr. Manmohan Singh the then Minister for Finance at Hyderabad November 1995;
  • “Against Odds – Parliamentary speeches in English” (foreword by Lord Meghanadh Desai) and released by Dr. K.R.Narayanan the then Chairman Rajya Sabha at Hyderabad March 1996.

Innovative  Approaches :
  - Tobacco growers & farmers in nine districts of Andhra Pradesh were convinced for alternative cropping-patterns.

- Strategic initiative to facilitate mutually beneficial exchanges and interactions among the farmers,
State & Union Governments.

-A.P. High Court required his services to comprehend the nuances and impact of the crop holiday strategy to work towards speedy judgment & justice.
-enquiries from Editorial Department of OXFORD dictionaries to explain this concept for inclusion in ensuing editions.

Participation in   Historical   Movements :
In the forefront of  ‘Jai Andhra’ movement in 1972  for a separate Andhra State. This  lasted for few         months bringing down the government and led to President’s rule. Along with other luminaries, jailed under Maintenance of Internal Security Act in 1973.

Awareness Building :          
Contributed articles on farming issues to all the leading Telugu dailies Andhra Patrika, Andhra Jyothi, Andhra Prabha, Eenadu, Udayam, and Vaarta.

Always presented the perspective of the farmers against to that of politicians and other vested groups. Research articles are now bench marks on many crop issues.
On sugar cane, cotton, tobacco and paddy crop, penned scores of articles in an easy narrative style which became primary reference materials for a wide variety of people including editorial desks.

Mentoring  &   Leadership :
During formative years, led by personal example to identify socio political issues.

Through relentless efforts and persuasive power, mentored many youngsters to embrace politics and catalise into lasting political careers.

Political Career :
As secretary of Bharatiya Lok-Dal, Andhra Pradesh unit, by extensive state tours motivated many youngsters.

After merger with the Janata Party, elected as member of executive committee.

 When Janata Party was bifurcated nationality in 1979, became Secretary of State Lok-Dal and continued in that position till 1982.

One of the first to invite Mr.N.T.Rama Rao  to political arena and became the founder member of Telugu Desam Party in 1982.

Land marks :
Elected to Rajya Sabha 1988-94

Received many a awards including prestigious John Daivi National Award for outstanding contribution in social work and educating public in 1984.

Policy Advocacy :
In 1978, Choudhury Charan Singh, Union finance minister was successfully persuaded to abolish excise duty on tobacco crop.

When the market price of cotton crashed, led the movement of farmers successfully pressurising the government to allow export of cotton. when Mr. T.N. Seshan, the then Chief Election Commissioner vetoed the same, Dr. Sivaji’s letter to the Chief Justice of the A.P. High Court was taken into account and the orders of CEC were reversed. This made a perceptible impact on export of cotton and resulted in higher unit value realization to the producer.

As a member of Parliament persuaded the union finance minister to waive the loans of small farmers and successfully got them waived benefiting lakhs of farmers.

Devised a new strategy ‘crop holiday’ for the tobacco farmers who are continuously exploited by the traders and made it to accept to implement by the central and state governments bringing a great relief to the farmers.

- Initially advocated in 1988 as a “cash credit system to farmers.”
- First introduced as a pilot project in Guntur district by Andhra Bank.
- Subsequently adopted by A.P. Co-op. Central Bank to cover the whole State’s Co-operative Sector.
- Sparked the government lead initiative of  “Kisan Credit Card” facility.

  • Editor, Guntur Medical Collage Magazine – 1970
  • President, House Surgeons Association – 1974
  • Secretary, Bharateeya Lok-Dal, Andhra Pradesh unit 1974-77
  • Secretary Lok-Dal A.P. Unit 1979-82
  • Founder Member, Telugu Desam  1982
  • Secretary farmers’ wing of the Telugu Desam Party  1985.
  • Member, Board of Management, A.P. Agriculture University 1998-91 and 2000-03
  • Member, Business Advisory committee-Rajya Sabha 1991-92
  • Member, Court of Jawaharlal Nehru University 1990-92
  • Member, Tobacco Development council, Government of India 1990-92
  • Member of Parliamentary Standing Committee, Ministry of Commerce 1993-94
  • Member, sub-committee on Tobacco Ministry of Commerce, 1993-94

Present Positions :

  • Vice-President, Society for Indian Agriculture marketing – Nagapur
  • Vice-President, Indian Liberal group- Mumbai
  • Honorary President, Virginia Tobacco Growers Association of India.
  • Honorary President , “AVAGAHANA” a genuine socio cultural organization to educate the public.

International Visits :
USA, UK, France, Israel, China, Hong Kong, Thailand,  Zimbabwe, Brazil & Nepal – to structure a pan-global mindset for understanding farmers perspectives, strengths, opportunities and issues.

Political  &   Philosophical  Inheritance :
Carried the mantle of late Prof. N.G. Ranga’s farmer centric priorities in developmental agendas, of
Mr. M.R.Masani’s democracy, transparency, value-based politics, modernism & free enterprise, and Rajaji’s traditional solutions with a global perspective.

Legacy for the People of India :  
The ethos of Indian Farmers can actualize the fullest potential in order to address the global needs.

Dr. Yalamanchili Sivaji
Brindavan Gardens, Guntur - 522006
Phone: 0863 2350139

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